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Given the comprehensive, hands-on experience and expertise of our team in managing aviation businesses such as airlines, airports, aviation services such as MRO, Ground Handling, Airport Planning & Infrastructure as well as Route & Fleet Planning we can add value to a wide spectrum of activity.

Our Aerojet Consulting Team adopts a structured and meticulous approach to diagnostics, solution development and implementation planning. Our work would usually begin with a high level review of the existing situation to uncover potential issues and identify areas of improvement. Effective and sustainable improvements will then be put forward and developed with and for you in each of the problem areas.


Our approach to fleet selection is based on our unique insight into the commercial drivers of profitability and our deep technical knowledge of aircraft and their performance. We offer a range of commercial, technical and financial support to operators, owners and investors at each stage of the fleet ownership process.


Our consultants offer technical advice and guidance to governments and transport ministries. We can provide a consultant to be attached permanently to a government or institution to provide important ongoing technical advice to administrators and policy leaders for as long as required.

Aerojet is an aviation company focused on providing tailored and professional aviation services across Africa.

With a range of specialist knowledge, experience, international exposure and a passion for aviation, we aim to deliver essential but effective services to clients across all our business lines.