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Joramco Academy Reaches Agreement with Aerojet Aviation to Establish Training Academy



(Accra, Ghana – 15th June 2022)— Joramco Academy, the aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul school operated by the leading independent MRO provider Joramco, has entered into an agreement to support the establishment of Aerojet Aviation Training Academy, the first of its kind institution to offer advanced studies in Aircraft Maintenance in Ghana and the Sub Region.

Joramco Academy was established in 2007 to provide comprehensive aircraft maintenance training courses. Based at the Joramco site in Amman, it stands apart by providing real-world insights into day-to-day operations at a world-class MRO. It offers internationally valid qualifications, which meet the knowledge requirements of IR Part 66 licensing in category B. The courses are accredited by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), in addition to the Jordan Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission (JCARC) and the United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority (UKCAA).

Aerojet Aviation was established in 2016 to address the lack of MRO capabilities in Africa, which is hampering the development of air transport industry across the continent, and where there is great potential for growth. The academy is part of a larger project, prioritized by the Government of Ghana, which will see the establishment of a fully equipped and staffed MRO Centre in Ghana. In line with this ambition, the Aerojet Training Academy will give young Africans the opportunity to pursue careers in aviation, by providing excellent training facilities, resources and valuable work experience.

To ensure world-class standards, the project is being implemented with support from Joramco Academy instructors who have vast experience on and off the field and have been graduating skilled aircraft maintenance engineers since the academy’s inception in 2007. The certified instructors will train Aerojet’s first batch of students, as well as local instructors who will be taking over in the academy under Aerojet’s own approvals when granted. The Joramco team will also support Aerojet in its preparation and subsequent applications for the relevant approvals from the Ghanaian authorities, EASA and FAA.

The four-year Aircraft Maintenance course is divided into both theoretical and practical training, with the aim of graduating the first batch of future aircraft maintenance engineers with the experience and confidence to immediately join the workforce at the Aerojet MRO Facility being established in Ghana.

Mazisi Parkes, Chief Executive Officer of Aerojet, stated that, “Aviation skills and knowledge training are integral to the Accra MRO Project and the eventual growth of the African Aviation industry, and this is exactly what our Training Academy was set up to deliver. We are delighted to be working with Joramco on this. When you look at the growth of Joramco in the last few years it has been phenomenal, and we are keen to learn from their experience. But more importantly there are very strong synergies and alignment in goals between the two organizations which lends itself to this partnership. Our objective is clear; we work with partners that understand our long-term strategy and have an interest in helping us develop the Aviation Sector in Africa. I am convinced that both Aerojet and Joramco will be better for it in the coming years”.

Joramco CEO Fraser Currie said, “We are honoured to have been entrusted by Aerojet to establish an aviation engineering academy as part of their plan to develop a new world-class MRO facility. Drawing on Joramco’s world-leading capabilities, as well as the training expertise of Joramco Academy, we are able to provide Aerojet with the necessary skills and guide them on constructing facilities and achieving regulatory approvals.”

The new academy will be based at Aerojet’s homebase, Kotoka International Airport in Accra, Ghana which is strategically located, with easy access to over 21 African countries within the range of a two-hour flight. It is to serve as a Centre of Excellence and its activities will begin in September 2022, with registrations already open for the first cohort of students, who are anticipated to begin their studies in January 2023.


About Aerojet 

Aerojet Aviation was established in 2016 to address the lack of MRO capabilities in Africa. Since then, the company has worked tirelessly to put together a masterplan to achieve this objective. After several years of engaging and selling that vision and plan to stakeholders and aviation authorities, Aerojet is now developing its flagship Accra MRO Project at the Kotoka International Airport in Ghana for the delivery of the first of a kind Aviation Centre of Excellence on the African continent. Expected to launch in 2024, Aerojet will offer world class aviation training and technical support services from its facility and operate one of the most advanced Aircraft Maintenance Facilities in the world.

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